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Re: hello does anyone know what yellow feathers coming in...

Posted by Brian FL on 9/24/08
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    On 9/23/08, Amelia wrote:
    > On 9/21/08, brian wrote:
    >> hello i was curious to see if any one knew of any avina
    >> pathology that could cause a brown throat conure to loose
    >> her tail feathers and get yellow feathers all over her
    >> back...and if they knew a remedy.....
    > Hi, I had a male eclectus who had this problem. It was due to
    > a calcium, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Vitamin K deficiency,
    > thought to be brought on by a lack of enough direct sunlight.
    > I am not a vet, and therefore can not tell you for certian.
    > However on my vet's advice I simply added a calcium supplement
    > (a powdered variety added to wet soft foods such as pasta or
    > cooked beans) and veggies rich in the other vitamins, such as
    > Kale, Dandelion or New Zealand Spinach. And 2-3 hours of
    > direct outdoor sunlight (with ample shade, this doesn't mean
    > baking in the sun! just no window or screen shading) 3-4 days
    > a week. It cleared up in about a month, with a few feathers
    > that didn't fall out until he molted again 6 months later.
    > If you notice any softness of the mandibles, easily flaking
    > etc. I would immediately contact your veterinarian, as this
    > could be advanced deficiencies.
    > Hope this helps.
    thanks so much...i had kinda figured that just wanted to
    double...check...i have purchased specrum lighting and i m
    installing it into my bird room...