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Post: My Captain Jack Sparrow (just Jack)

Posted by Carrie on 10/08/08

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    Jack is now 5 years old. My relationship began about 3
    years ago. He lived at my place of employment. His work
    owner left last March and Jack moved to my office. Jack
    normally was quite friendly to the people comming into my
    office, until one particular employee. He attacked her by
    biting hard her finger when she touched my arm. Now Jack
    is banished from work and lives in my home.

    Jack is in his cage for at least 8 hours a day (with the
    TV on). He gets a couple of hours out while I am getting
    ready for work and he is out when I get home for about 3
    to 5 hours after I am home.

    I have offered him different treats, different toys, but
    he seems to get tired of them quickly. He is almost
    obsessive about sitting on me. Chewing my clothes,
    nibbling (or maybe its grooming my skin). For the most
    part, I don't mind, but he does get a bit overzealous.
    Jack understands "no," "stop," and "get off." He has
    never bitten me; but, he does protest loudly.

    What can I do for him to entertain himself when he is out
    of the cage besides me!

    I also have 2 dogs and 4 cats. I watch all very closely
    around Jack. But he is not afraid of any of them.

    I would really like some advice. I want to do right by


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