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Re: new sun conure

Posted by Birdmom on 11/04/08
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    The sunflower seed issue......I almost killed my conure with
    too many sunflower seeds. I gave him maybe 6-8 per day; his
    liver was failing. He is now healthy after much MUCH stress
    on my part to restore his health. I limit it now to no more
    than 2-3 per WEEK. They love pasta and rice and potato.
    Sweet "birdy bread recipes". I make a
    batch of something and it lasts a week, then I make
    something new. He gets his pellets all the time, seeds
    daily, pasta daily, fruits/veggies daily, treats once in a
    while (like a cheerio or something naughty like a pretzel
    and of course the sunflower seed). These types of birds
    live to eat and love to eat so we have to make it healthy
    and abundant. Mine is a black cap and he has trouble
    keeping weight on. Maybe suns are different. Emjoy your
    new baby!!!

    On 11/04/08, aly wrote:
    > My husband and I bought a 3 month old sun conure about 10
    > days ago. Previoulsy, I owned a severe Macaw for 10 years
    > and am familiar with handling birds. Our little guy is very
    > sweet - lots of conure kisses and he loves water (he played
    > in our shower today!). However he runs from our hands
    > everytime we go to pick him up, yet, it is easy to scoop
    > him up without alot of drama - just a little chasing. I can
    > pet his nares, head, mandible (if he has one...) and have
    > even gotten under his wing once - but I have to capture him
    > gently in one hand and start rubbing him and slowly let go.
    > Otherwise he runs from approaching hands and fingers. He
    > learned to step up, once we are holding him, from one hand
    > to the other - but not off the cage or to step down.
    > We take him out to play every day and he spends plenty of
    > time out of his cage. Just today, however - as he is
    > getting comfortable and his wings & legs are getting
    > stronger he has gotte a little more nippy. Nothng major -
    > but a solid pressure bite while handling him.
    > We would like tips, advise and info on the following: 1.
    > How long does it typically take a conure to warm up to
    > handling 2. How often and for how long should we handle
    > him? 3. How assertive should we be? - I don't mind chasing
    > him around the cage a little but - I don't want to scare
    > him by pushing too fast and losing his trust in us. 4. what
    > are the 5 most important things to teach a new bird
    > (step-up, and.....) 5. We bought a cool cage, unfortunately
    > - half of it is about 6 " taller than us. I know from
    > expereince this creates a dominace issue. Should we put
    > steps around the cage so we always stand taller than him?
    > 6. What is a good way to deter btiting? 7. He eats pellets
    > all day and a small amount of seeds at night - sunflower
    > mostly -- what do you think about sunflower seeds? Good?
    > bad? in moderation? 8. he does not seem to like vegetables
    > yet -- do we just keep offering? We want to stat away from
    > sugary fruits. But he love the apples and has snubbed the
    > carrots. Any ideas?
    > THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!