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Re: new sun conure

Posted by Sharon on 11/08/08
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    A good way to get them used to veggies is putting it in bird
    bread. You can also grate the carrot and sweet potato real
    fine and put it in as the first meal of the day for a hour.
    For instance when trying to get a bird to eat their veggies
    grate them up mixed like a small birdy salad I usually grated
    carrots the heads of broccoli some chopped spinach or another
    green. sprinkle some alfalfa sprouts on it (buy organic
    already sprouted at grocery store if you do not want to sprout
    Put that in the food dish in the morning for their first
    rounds while you are cleaning cage and water and have all
    other bowls out of cage.
    Leave the salad in for a bit and watch to see if he eats.
    You can add a little grated apple over it it but keep that
    limited so that he will at least eat some.
    If this does not work try having breakfast with him
    Before feeding in the morning fix yours and fix him some a
    small bit of egg with carrot grated put his on a plate or in a
    dish on a table top t stand. Sit and eat with him pretend to
    eat his and in most cases his curiosity seeing you eat will
    make him eat.
    I have gotten many a bird on a healthy diet this way.
    Also making mach or bird bread with the goodies in You can
    make it once a week and freeze and microwave as needed There
    are some you can buy online called Gonzo bird cakes that are
    good too if baking is not for you.

    Some great recipes can be found here
    Make sure to Never use the corn muffin mix that is sweetened.
    You can ass a bit of honey or fruit juice or applesauce but
    make sure to use the Non sweetened
    i usually just use corn meal and make my own adding extra egg
    and even grating the shell and adding for calcium.

    As far as the nipping you need to be strong and assertive with
    conures or they can become bossy and nippy. Be firm and if and
    when he nips place him in the cage without any reaction and
    without saying a word and totally ignore him keeping your back
    to him for a few minutes. Then go back and pick up again
    You can train him to start stepping up on a small perch if he
    refuses to step up on the hand. You can also make it always a
    Great thing when it comes to your hands. Whatever his favorite
    treat is save that treat for training he never gets it unless
    he is working on his training. Start small with just sitting
    and handing him one getting him used to hands and good things
    then bring your one hand in and say step up while holding the
    treat with the other hand above. If you place your finger at
    the breast and push gently to the Bird they will usually step
    up as a reaction. When he does give the treat and tell him
    good bird and keep working on it.
    As i said you can try with a perch first if it is a huge
    problem with hands.
    If you need more tips feel free to email me.

    > On 11/04/08, aly wrote:
    >> My husband and I bought a 3 month old sun conure about 10
    >> days ago. Previoulsy, I owned a severe Macaw for 10 years
    >> and am familiar with handling birds. Our little guy is very
    >> sweet - lots of conure kisses and he loves water (he played
    >> in our shower today!). However he runs from our hands
    >> everytime we go to pick him up, yet, it is easy to scoop
    >> him up without alot of drama - just a little chasing. I can
    >> pet his nares, head, mandible (if he has one...) and have
    >> even gotten under his wing once - but I have to capture him
    >> gently in one hand and start rubbing him and slowly let go.
    >> Otherwise he runs from approaching hands and fingers. He
    >> learned to step up, once we are holding him, from one hand
    >> to the other - but not off the cage or to step down.
    >> We take him out to play every day and he spends plenty of
    >> time out of his cage. Just today, however - as he is
    >> getting comfortable and his wings & legs are getting
    >> stronger he has gotte a little more nippy. Nothng major -
    >> but a solid pressure bite while handling him.
    >> We would like tips, advise and info on the following: 1.
    >> How long does it typically take a conure to warm up to
    >> handling 2. How often and for how long should we handle
    >> him? 3. How assertive should we be? - I don't mind chasing
    >> him around the cage a little but - I don't want to scare
    >> him by pushing too fast and losing his trust in us. 4. what
    >> are the 5 most important things to teach a new bird
    >> (step-up, and.....) 5. We bought a cool cage, unfortunately
    >> - half of it is about 6 " taller than us. I know from
    >> expereince this creates a dominace issue. Should we put
    >> steps around the cage so we always stand taller than him?
    >> 6. What is a good way to deter btiting? 7. He eats pellets
    >> all day and a small amount of seeds at night - sunflower
    >> mostly -- what do you think about sunflower seeds? Good?
    >> bad? in moderation? 8. he does not seem to like vegetables
    >> yet -- do we just keep offering? We want to stat away from
    >> sugary fruits. But he love the apples and has snubbed the
    >> carrots. Any ideas?
    >> THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!