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Re: Winter breeding

Posted by Connie on 11/12/08
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    Conures tend to breed more in the later fall and winter. The
    summer is usually too hot for them if the tempurature is
    above 85 degrees. They breed best in the cooler months. I am
    trusting that they are inside and have heat. Keep them on
    vitamins and put alittle wheat germ in their food too as it
    helps the hen from becoming eggbound. I also trust that you
    have a nesting box. I use aspen shavings in mine for her to
    lay her eggs on. Don't mess with her while she is in a
    breeding mood and when you do get eggs, leave them alone and
    let her feed and lay on them. My conures usually lay 3-4
    eggs per clutch. When she lays them, it will probably be
    every other day or every 2 days apart, so let her do her
    thing. When they hatch (about a month after being laid), I
    let the hen do her thing with them and leave them alone.
    When the chicks are about 10 days to 2 weeks old, I take
    them and put them in the brooder, which will keep them about
    83 degrees. I handfeed them every 4 hours and the last time
    of the night of feeding is about midnight. I don't feed them
    again until very early the next morning (6-7 am). This way,
    it helps to completely keep their crop clear so they don't
    get sour-crop. When they get to be about 3 weeks old,
    (depending on the chick), I feed them seed, millet and
    little bits of fresh fruits and veggies. At 7-8 weeks, they
    should be weaned and ready for sale. I know this is a vague
    crash course but you didn't specify what you needed help on.
    If you have any questions, I am here and so is everyone else
    and we will try to help you. God Bless you and yours....

    On 11/10/08, Bridget- St. Louis mo wrote:
    > I just got a pair of Peach Fronts and I want to Winter
    > breed them. Any tips would be great!