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Re: Doesn't Play

Posted by Connie on 11/23/08
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    Hi VJ... First of all, at 2 years old, he is barely an adult
    because they don't become adults until they are between
    2&1/2-3 years of age. Since you got him at that age, there's
    no telling what the previous owners did to him or for him.
    My opinion is that he probably doesn't know how or hasn't
    had any to know what to do. Conures are chewers. They like
    to chew. Put some wooden or stringy toys in there and let
    him start that way. Maybe he's just had toys he doesn't
    like. Not all bird like the same toys. Experiment with him
    on different ones and see what he likes. And give him time.
    You have to remember that he has been moved from one place
    to another and may still be stresed out about that. You're
    both gonna be fine, it takes time and experimenting. Connie

    On 11/21/08, VJ wrote:
    > I have a yellow sided green cheek conure and he never plays
    > with toy's. Is this strange? I know he's 2 yrs old. I
    > bought him as an adult.