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Post: Egg laying

Posted by Crystal on 12/06/08

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    I have a white eyes conure, and have had her for 14 yrs.
    She laid her first set of eggs last spring - she has now
    decided to do so again. She has taken to a cabinet in my
    headboard of my bed, and will not go into her cage - only
    to poop and eat. What she will eat is very little
    though. I try to feed her eggs, and yogurt for calcium -
    but she just bearly eats. She has laid 4 eggs so far, but
    today I noticed she is acting extremly weak - and can't
    keep her balance well when trying to eat in the cage. I
    am very concerned. Is this normal behavior - all she
    wants to do is be in her cabinet on the eggs. She is so
    limp! Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

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