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Re: Anyone heard of a cuban conure/redspeckled conure

Posted by Sherri on 1/28/09
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    On 1/28/09, post a pic wrote:
    > On 1/27/09, Sherri wrote:
    >> I was suppose to be getting a mini macaw and husband
    >> accepted bird while I was at work. Its definitely not a
    >> macaw....
    >> Only pic I have found is a Cuban conure/red speckled
    >> conure....
    >> Do these exist?
    > Can you post a picture of this bird? I'm sure you could
    > a positive identification quickly.
    > GL is an expert on almost all birds.

    I don't have a way to take pic of my bird. Here is a link to
    one that is exactly like mine. Mine's eyes aren't as light
    straw colored and it doesn't have as many speckles of red.
    But according to this, the speckles and light eyes come as
    they get older.