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Re: Anyone heard of a cuban conure/redspeckled conure

Posted by Sherri on 1/28/09
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    On 1/28/09, karen wrote:
    > On 1/28/09, Sherri wrote:
    >> On 1/28/09, post a pic wrote:
    >>> On 1/27/09, Sherri wrote:
    >>>> I was suppose to be getting a mini macaw and husband
    >>>> accepted bird while I was at work. Its definitely not a
    >>>> macaw....
    > Are you near S.Cal or Chicago?
    > looks like the wild C.head Conure when young
    > before the color change is done!
    I'm in KY. It came from Eastern, KY. So it could have come from
    either of the virginia's or carolinas???