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Re: Anyone heard of a cuban conure/redspeckled conure

Posted by karen on 1/28/09
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    On 1/28/09, Sherri wrote:
    > On 1/28/09, karen wrote:
    >> On 1/28/09, Sherri wrote:
    >>> On 1/28/09, post a pic wrote:
    >>>> On 1/27/09, Sherri wrote:
    >>>>> I was suppose to be getting a mini macaw and husband
    >>>>> accepted bird while I was at work. Its definitely not a
    >>>>> macaw....
    >> Are you near S.Cal or Chicago?
    >> looks like the wild C.head Conure when young
    >> before the color change is done!
    > ***
    > I'm in KY. It came from Eastern, KY. So it could have come from
    > either of the virginia's or carolinas???

    If you lived near either of those areas you could go see them in the
    wild. They can be purchased in many places.
    Rent the movie "wild parrots of telegraph hill" to see the bird I am
    talking about.
    Or try to find a cherry head conure to look at near you.
    It takes a year or more to get the full red color on the head

    Or look at this page on pet finder the above link