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Re: Anyone heard of a cuban conure/redspeckled conure

Posted by Sherri on 1/30/09
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    On 1/29/09, Glenda wrote:
    > On 1/27/09, Sherri wrote:
    >> I was suppose to be getting a mini macaw and husband
    >> accepted bird while I was at work. Its definitely not a
    >> macaw....
    >> Only pic I have found is a Cuban conure/red speckled
    >> conure....
    >> Do these exist?
    > What color is your birds beak? And does he have any color on
    > the shoulder?
    > Glenda
    I can see some red & yellow on each edge of shoulder. It has
    the larger(than most small conures i've see) horn colored beak.
    not tiny red speckled, but the larger red-speckles.

    Its plucked on chest and some on wings....but when I got him,
    it was apparent he had not been given attention, cage was not
    cleaned and I'm thinking he came from an unused "backroom" or
    something. He was very upset the day i got him, he's calmed
    down and responding to attention now.