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Re: Golden conure/ Rick

Posted by Rick on 2/09/09
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    On 2/09/09, Glenda wrote:
    > On 2/08/09, Rick wrote:
    >> On 2/08/09, isabel wrote:
    >>> On 2/08/09, Alison wrote:
    >>>> On 2/07/09, GreyLady wrote:
    >>>>> On 2/07/09, isabel wrote:
    >>>>>> I need to find a husband to my golden conure!
    >>>>>> I am located in MA ! does anyone know where should I
    >>>>>> look for?
    >>>>> you might try the new Super Walmart in Ma. They have Golden
    >>>>> Conure meat in the freezer section.
    >>>> ____________________________________________________
    >>>> I have a really hard time believing that THE GreyLady wrote
    >>>> this. This is not her style as far back as I remember and
    >>>> I've been around this board since it was started. I've never
    >>>> seen her write something gross, mean and nasty about ANY
    >>>> bird. -Alison-
    >>> Thanks Alison for your response to this!
    >>> I am really impressede of how mean this woman is...maybe she
    >>> was drunk when she wrote that!
    >>> may be there is a possibility that she was out of her
    >>> medication...Well...only hope that she will regret all those
    >>> means words said about the wondefull specie Golden Conure!
    >>> thanks
    >>There is no way of monitoring who the actual typists
    >> is with the way the chatboard is set up.
    > Actually Rick, there is a way to know, kinda sorta. You can get the
    > IP number of every post and know if it came from a different
    > computer. Simply right click on the post, choose the option View
    > Source from the drop down menu and scroll down about 2/3 of the way
    > down and you will see the IP number on the left. I dont know how to
    > trace this number to a person but it shows the post was not made
    > from the same computer Greylady usually uses. Of course anyone can
    > use another computer to post things like this but I just dont
    > believe it was her.
    > Glenda

    So true, totally forgot about the IP Addy. Seems we never need to access
    it, except for stuff like this. Good thinking. I too, doubt it was her.
    I have seen where others have used her name before. Childish games. But,
    we know who they are, and so does GreyLady.