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Re: Golden conure/ Rick

Posted by Rodney on 2/11/09
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    I usually don't get involved with this kind of thing but there is a way
    to make *hitheats like this pay. Go to and place the ip
    address into the whois lookup search. After you find out who the IP
    provider is you need to write them an email. Send it to abuse@???.???.
    In this case it would be Include the IP address and
    the date that the abuse took place. They will get the FBI involved and
    this WILL solve the problem.

    >>>There is no way of monitoring who the actual typists
    >>> is with the way the chatboard is set up.
    >> Actually Rick, there is a way to know, kinda sorta. You can get the
    >> IP number of every post and know if it came from a different
    >> computer. Simply right click on the post, choose the option View
    >> Source from the drop down menu and scroll down about 2/3 of the way
    >> down and you will see the IP number on the left. I dont know how to
    >> trace this number to a person but it shows the post was not made
    >> from the same computer Greylady usually uses. Of course anyone can
    >> use another computer to post things like this but I just dont
    >> believe it was her.
    >> Glenda
    > So true, totally forgot about the IP Addy. Seems we never need to
    > it, except for stuff like this. Good thinking. I too, doubt it was her.
    > I have seen where others have used her name before. Childish games.
    > we know who they are, and so does GreyLady.
    > Rick