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Re: Golden conure/ Rick

Posted by Rodney on 2/11/09
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    Oh! One more thing. Assuming someone else's identity to make false
    statements and cause mayhem is a federal offense and this is why the FBI
    will be getting involved.

    On 2/11/09, Rodney wrote:
    > I usually don't get involved with this kind of thing but there is a way
    > to make *hitheats like this pay. Go to and place the ip
    > address into the whois lookup search. After you find out who the IP
    > provider is you need to write them an email. Send it to abuse@???.???.
    > In this case it would be Include the IP address and
    > the date that the abuse took place. They will get the FBI involved and
    > this WILL solve the problem.
    >>>>There is no way of monitoring who the actual typists
    >>>> is with the way the chatboard is set up.
    >>> Actually Rick, there is a way to know, kinda sorta. You can get the
    >>> IP number of every post and know if it came from a different
    >>> computer. Simply right click on the post, choose the option View
    >>> Source from the drop down menu and scroll down about 2/3 of the way
    >>> down and you will see the IP number on the left. I dont know how to
    >>> trace this number to a person but it shows the post was not made
    >>> from the same computer Greylady usually uses. Of course anyone can
    >>> use another computer to post things like this but I just dont
    >>> believe it was her.
    >>> Glenda
    >> So true, totally forgot about the IP Addy. Seems we never need to
    > access
    >> it, except for stuff like this. Good thinking. I too, doubt it was her.
    >> I have seen where others have used her name before. Childish games.
    > But,
    >> we know who they are, and so does GreyLady.
    >> Rick