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Re: Golden conure

Posted by Tim on 6/28/09
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    On 6/28/09, Darlene wrote:
    > On 4/08/09, Aysel wrote:
    >> On 2/07/09, isabel wrote:
    >>> I need to find a husband to my golden conure!
    >>> I am located in MA ! does anyone know where should I
    >>> look for?
    >> I know you're looking for an adult golden, but I just want
    >> to let you know I breed the golden conures.
    > There is a man out in Indiana that raises them. I have talked
    > to him at great length and he was very helpful. I believe he
    > still has some to sell.
    > Birds-Queen-Of-Bavaria-Golden-Conure-Babies-in-Indiana-
    > W0QQAdIdZ88326411
    > Also down in Fl. there is a Lady with a pair that came out of a
    > well known zoo. They are 15 yr. and are proven by her. She
    > wants 5000. for the pair.
    > Darlene

    You need a captive bred wildlife permit if you are to purchase
    across state lines.