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Re: biting Conure

Posted by Dr. Phil on 2/14/09
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    On 2/14/09, Chris wrote:
    > On 2/14/09, Tim wrote:
    >> Clip his wings.
    > We would rather not clip wings we have cats. If there was
    > anything else. Because no matter how nice my son is to the
    > bird he flys and attacks only him. I dont understand this
    > behavior.

    You need to sit your son down and have the "talk" with him. Tell
    him that you've enjoyed having him around, but now it's time that
    he goes and lives with his Aunt Edna.
    Let him understand that the bird is more important than he, and
    that should something happen to the bird you will consider taking
    him back. In the mean time, he should work on having animals
    like him more.