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Re: biting Conure

Posted by Chris on 2/16/09
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    On 2/16/09, Good Lord! wrote:
    > On 2/15/09, Chris wrote:
    >>> Rick
    >> Thanks for all your help. Today went better we had Alex put a hat on and
    >> he got along better with Wally. I guess he didnt recognize him. He fed
    >> him seed, and held him. So we will keep going with the hat trick.
    >> I think somewhere in Wallys past maybe he had a hard time with someone
    >> that maybe looked like my son Alex.
    >> take care,
    >> Chris
    > This is one of the most bizarre posts I've read in a long time. Talk about
    > over thinking a situation.
    Well Good Lord,
    I guess you havent read many books on bird behavior. Suggestion read Breaking
    bad habits in parrots. Its not over thinking the situation its trying to
    solve a problem. Thanks for your helpful post.