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Re: thinking about getting another bird

Posted by Rick on 3/19/09
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    On 3/18/09, Connie wrote:
    > It would be good for him to have a friend. Just do not put
    > them in the same cage. Set the cages side by side and let
    > them bond, get to know one another. Always keep them in
    > different cages. Get yourself a playstand. If you don't have
    > the money for one, go to Wmart and get one of those wooden
    > dryer racks that are collapsable and will stand up about 4'
    > tall. They're approx. $10. Put some toys on it with string,
    > newspaper under it and they will love it!! That way, they
    > will have a mutual playground and can learn to play and even
    > look forward to playing, without losing their companionship
    > with you. Just remember to keep their cages separate...
    > Connie
    > On 3/18/09, Sandra wrote:
    >> Hi, I have a wonderful green cheeked yellow sided conure.
    >> He is such a joy in my life! I was wondering if getting
    >> another bird would be good for him? I've read about 5
    >> different books... and they all say something different.
    >> Yes it would be good or no it might ruin our relationship.
    >> I was interested in getting a sun conure. Anyone have any
    >> advice on if that breed would be ok? Thanks

    We have 2 Green Cheek Conures and have done exactly what Connie
    has suggested to you. The best advice ever to keep your buddy,
    your buddy. We give ours playtime together, but then it's back
    to their side by side cages. They enjoy each other and are both
    as sweet as ever, and still show us the great affection just as
    before. Just remember to give them both your equal time, so as
    not to get jealous. Good Luck!