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Re: thinking about getting another bird

Posted by emily on 8/26/09
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    On 3/18/09, Sandra wrote:
    > Hi, I have a wonderful green cheeked yellow sided conure.
    > He is such a joy in my life! I was wondering if getting
    > another bird would be good for him? I've read about 5
    > different books... and they all say something different.
    > Yes it would be good or no it might ruin our relationship.
    > I was interested in getting a sun conure. Anyone have any
    > advice on if that breed would be ok? Thanks

    well.... Sun conures are usually loud.They need constant
    attention. They are like mini macaws. When there is another
    bird in the house its 2 times worse! My suggestion is a
    Dusky conure they are cuddly sweet and silly.very quiet
    little louder with another bird but not much. but once in a
    whilehave a loud yell.