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Re: PLEASE HELP! My Conure is ILL.

Posted by Dr. Doolittle on 4/24/09
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    On 4/23/09, Armando wrote:
    > Hi,
    > This is my first parrot. I've had him for just under a
    > year. His name is Sunshine. He has quite a personality. He
    > would step-up, and sit on your shoulder forever, but never
    > let you touch him (he would scream). He was very loud, but
    > I love him, and don't care much about the noise level.
    > Today I woke up, and he wasn't the same. He let me touch
    > him on his back, and continues to close his eyes and try
    > to fall asleep. He leaned back and I thought he was going
    > to die in my hands, but he quickly julted before his head
    > reached my fingers. The closest avian vet is over three
    > hours away, and very expensive, I believe he is closed for
    > the day, anyway.
    > Does anyone have some sort of advise at least to keep him
    > OK until tomorrow. I have other birds, and he is now in a
    > hospital cage with a heat lamp. I am stepping out now to
    > buy an anti-biotic.
    > Any advise would be much appreciated.
    > God Bless,
    > Armando

    Armando, you can certainly do what you want with your bird,
    but why do you think your bird needs an antibiotic without
    having a diagnosis?
    You need to know what illness you are dealing with and not
    just guess and hope that this medicine will fix it.
    Sometimes self prescribed medicine can do more harm than good.
    I can understand that veterinary care is expensive, but
    sometimes we have to spend some money when our birds become
    The heat is a good idea to help conserve his energy.
    Good luck and I do hope you find some way to have this bird
    seen by a vet.