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Re: Chico won't stop biting!!

Posted by karen on 7/30/09
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    On 7/30/09, Stephanie wrote:
    > Ok. We have a very crazy black-capped conure named Chico,
    > which we absolutely love. He rubs against my fingers and
    > hand all the time when he is in his cage and absolutely
    > loves to come out right onto my finger/hand. He is very
    > good with his step up onto my finger. The problem is when
    > I sit with him he wants to bite me and it's hard! I have
    > tried ow and no but I usually just end up having to either
    > pull my skin/nails out of his mouth and put him back in
    > his cage. Then when I try again he's very excited to be
    > let out but starts biting me again. Somebody said there
    > is a "earthquake" method? I just need some help to keep
    > my poor fingers intact. Thanks!

    WooHoo a spun up Conure!
    They are fun if you give them something to do
    have toys at the ready, do not expect his guy so sit quiet!
    Lots of Toys in his cage, in the play area, on your lap
    Toys everywhere! Chinese finger traps, paper cups with
    shredded paper & a nummy inside, safe bells items that he
    can shake and make noise with. He needs lots to shred &
    throw! you will see what he likes as they are all different.
    -Yelling ouch just adds drama and makes the game more fun-
    When you think he is going to bite hand him a toy
    When you think he is getting board hand him a toy
    I give my guys clean boxes with toys inside
    Anything safe to shred and explore
    When I ask my OWA to step onto my right hand I am handing
    him a pine nut with my left hand.
    If it is safe to let him fly in your house flight takes a
    lot of "spin" out of many birds
    keep it positive & fun!
    he needs many things to fill his time to forget how fun it
    is to get the drama of drawing blood