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Re: Sun conure needs help

Posted by Tim on 8/24/09
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    On 8/22/09, Dennis Opihory wrote:
    > My 5 yr old female sun conure has been sick since 12/07
    > she was originally diagnosed with an apparent heart attack
    > and then a low grade infection since birth. She was given
    > metacm, baytril, chloramphenical and recovered to about
    > 80&37; she then got pnuemonia in May 2008 and was given
    > vibramycin. In Feb 2009 she was given baytril for possible
    > respiratory problems. Now she has stopped eating and I
    > feed her with a syringe and baby food. Her feathers are
    > matted even after spraying her with bird spray. She doesnt
    > retain her weight and wobbles when she walks and hides her
    > head whenever possible. She has been given metacam, and
    > other antiinflammatory injections plus antibiotics. She
    > responds very slightly after the steroid injection.
    > Does anyone have any advice or suggestions or know of a
    > bird vet specialist in the Nrth NJ area. Please send any
    > suggestions possible

    Sounds like PDD to me, (macaw wasting syndrome)