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Re: Do Sun Conures use Gravel to aide digestion???

Posted by Lacey on 3/17/10
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    No gravel or grit should be fed to any psittacine (parrots) or
    passerine (canaries, finches, starlings, mynahs) birds.

    They do Not need it as they Hull their seeds Which is why you
    see tons of seed shells.

    For coves pigeons chickens those type birds They need it to
    help as they do not hull their seeds.

    When I worked as a Vet tech I can not tell you how many issues
    I seen with either grit or that bird litter stuff(walnut
    shells etc) they sell that had eaten it and it had impacted
    the crop

    there are some great articles online at Birds n ways

    hope this helps

    On 10/17/09, Pete wrote:
    > I am adding a Sun Conure to my flock and have read at
    > one website that they use gravel to aid digestion. I read
    > several more websites and there was no mention of gravel?
    > Please answer the gravel question for me. THANKS