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Re: caique

Posted by Jay on 1/09/10
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    On 11/04/09, Elaine wrote:
    > On 11/04/09, GreenLady wrote:
    >> On 11/03/09, Elaine wrote:
    >>> What catergory does a caique fall in a conure or parrot?

    "Parrot" is just a generic term for all hookbills. "conure"
    denotes an entire genus of birds from various species and sub
    species. A caique is not a conure.. it is a cauque. They have
    only 2 recognized species, the black head and the white belly (
    or peach theigh). They are a completely different type of bird
    and if one must generalize them they would be considered
    a "parrot". I hope that helps.