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Re: Sun Conure Behavior

Posted by rande on 6/01/10
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    On 1/12/10, Pete wrote:
    > Less than a year ago, I adopted a Sun Conure (now 3 yrs
    > old) named Fifi. I had the Bird DNA tested and it turned
    > out to be a Male, so I changed the name to Liberace. My
    > problem is that he has apparently fallen in love with my
    > computer mouse and humps it whenever I want to use it.Once
    > in a while, he cheats on the mouse with my screwdriver.
    > can I get around this? Should I get another mouse or a
    > or change his diet? He eats Zupreem Fruit Blend and mixed
    > seeds, along with OJ and peanuts. He snubs most fruit and
    > veggies. THANK YOU