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Re: Sun Conure Behavior

Posted by rande on 6/01/10
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    On 1/12/10, Pete wrote:
    > Less than a year ago, I adopted a Sun Conure (now 3 yrs
    > old) named Fifi. I had the Bird DNA tested and it turned
    > out to be a Male, so I changed the name to Liberace. My
    > problem is that he has apparently fallen in love with my
    > computer mouse and humps it whenever I want to use it.Once
    > in a while, he cheats on the mouse with my screwdriver.
    > can I get around this? Should I get another mouse or a
    > or change his diet? He eats Zupreem Fruit Blend and mixed
    > seeds, along with OJ and peanuts. He snubs most fruit and
    > veggies. THANK YOU

    Hello Pete. Your entry cracked me up. I have a 16 month old
    sun and recently he has been interested in humping my
    mother's finger and my hand. He is the love of my life
    however, I can't go there with him on this. Did you get any
    information about Liberace's sexual behavior? I looked for
    sun conure's sexual behavior on the web and was not happy
    about suggestions, such as "stop petting bird on the back,
    kissing him on the beak, or touching him around his head or
    under his wings. My boy loves to be petted and kissed. There
    has to be something else that is going on. Do you know?

    Thanks, Rande.