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Re: Sun Conure Behavior

Posted by Jane on 6/02/10
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    It is not unusual for birds to masterbate in this manner. If
    you try to stop the behavior, the bird will become frustrated
    and can start with even worse behavior, ie; biting, etc. It
    is best to just ignore it as best you can because denying your
    bird affection (as some sites suggest) will only make the bird
    feel rejected and can likewise bring on even worse behavior.
    Limiting certain types of contact when the bird is in breeding
    mode is okay, but don't abruptly stop all contact. His
    behavior is natural and normal and those who want 'perfect
    birds' who don't display basic natural behavior should buy
    stuffed pets, so don't bother listening to them as if they
    speak the gospel. If your bird is happy with the mouse, but
    you need to use it, get him his own. Good luck.