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Post: help! skittish conure!

Posted by Terry on 3/04/10

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    Hi everyone! I just inherited a 5 month old crimson bellied
    conure from my aunt who passed away. I don't know much
    about him except that he was handfed by her before she
    passed. He's very skittish inside his cage and won't come
    out or want to step up at all. I fully intend to keep him
    but need some advice about how to go about gaining his
    trust. It's already been about a week now and no progress.
    I don't ever force him out of his cage and whenever i leave
    the door open he never wants to come out. I have a ducorp
    cockatoo who is 12 years old and has always been very
    friendly and eager to come out and interacts with me from
    day 1 so i'm not sure how to work with the conure. Any help
    would be really appreciated!

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