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Re: help! skittish conure!

Posted by Jane on 3/09/10
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    You should try putting interesting toys on top of his cage,
    if thats where you want him to come out to. If he is
    facinated by the toys, he will eventually come out to
    investigate them. Once he is out, you can try interacting
    with him by first offering him his favorite 'treat' food.
    It will take time though, a week is not long enough. Even
    when he is in the cage, offer him a treat, but only give it
    to him if he comes over to the side of the cage and takes it
    from you. Talk to him a lot in a gentle voice and encourage
    him to chatter with you. They are naturally playful and
    should respond to games like peekaboo and tug of war with a
    toy. Keep trying and eventually you will start to see
    improvements. He is very young and is not yet set in his
    ways. Good luck