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Re: cherry headed/peach front conure

Posted by GreenLady on 4/17/10
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    On 4/17/10, ray wrote:
    > yes i have a cherry headed conure and i bought a peach
    > front both as males i keep both in the same cage they get
    > along so well together my peach front always had to have a
    > nest box to sleep i thought it wouldnt do any harm
    > but it comes to find out my peach front has 4 eggs so what
    > i thought was 2 males are a male cherry head and a female
    > peach front so now they have crossed which i wouldnt have
    > wanted in a million years does anyone know what i will
    > get .as far as to what the babies will look like.and does
    > anyone have a picture of a hybrd cherry head /peach front

    Have you heard the expression "don't count your chickens
    before they hatch?"

    Just because you have a male and female conure together
    doesn't guarantee fertile eggs...nest box or not.

    While both birds are of the Aratinga genus, they may not be
    compatible as breeding mates.

    If the eggs are fertile, you will produce hybrid offspring of
    which there is no guarantee of appearance, much like mixed
    breed dogs and cats. The babies will have characteristics of
    both parents.

    While you feel that your peach fronted conure needs to have a
    box to sleep,she could certainly adjust without one and do
    just fine.

    It would be best if you do not allow these birds to continue
    breeding should they produce offspring as you would not want
    the birds to enter any breeding pool whatsoever once the
    birds leave you.