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Re: cherry headed/peach front conure

Posted by Denise on 7/19/10
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    I agree with GreenLady - I would be very surprised to hear
    that the eggs are fertile. Many, many hens will lay eggs even
    without the benefit of a male anywhere close by.

    As for creating hybrids, most people do this out of
    convenience or laziness, without a thought to the rarity of
    all these little birds. It has been predicted that the
    majority of conures will disappear from the US within 20 years
    if people do not make a concerted effort to breed the harder
    to find Aratinga and Pyrrhura conures. Same thing goes with a
    lot of the larger parrots.

    People need to understand that not all handfed baby parrots
    turn into good breeding stock. Congo greys and cockatoos are
    just a few of these. Will breeders make the effort to
    raise "parent-raised" birds to see that some species don't
    just disappear?

    If your little peachy is the hen, then you should RUN and find
    a male (which is the easiest of the two to find by far!) and
    allow them to set up household.

    Good luck!