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Re: Green Cheek Conure

Posted by GreenLady on 5/27/10
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    On 5/26/10, Elaine wrote:
    > I got my baby green cheek mothers day..She likes to
    > bite..How can I stop her.

    You don't mention the age of your Green Cheek, but if it is a
    young bird or juvenile, they definitely go through a
    nipping/biting stage which is very common for this species.
    You need to re-direct the interest in biting you body with a
    more appropriate item such as a toy or chew item.
    Do not yell or react loudly to the biting as this will only
    reinforce the negative behavior. You can gently hold his
    beak for a brief time an tell him "no bite." I can tell you
    that these clever little birds learn this phrase very quickly
    and will use it often in conversation.
    If the biting continues when you have the bird out of his
    cage, return the bird to his cage for a brief period to
    regain his composure and then take him back out and start
    This stage will pass, but it does take some time.