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Re: Birds

Posted by Elaine on 6/04/10
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    On 6/03/10, GreenLady wrote:
    > On 6/03/10, Elaine wrote:
    >> I have a green cheek conure.I was ask today if she was
    >> color blind.I didn't no. Are bird's color blind?
    > Elaine, birds are not color blind and in actuality, they see
    > much more depth of color than humans. They also have the
    > ability to see into the infared spectrum of color.
    > They react to different colors such as colored pellets, make
    > up, clothing, nail polish, Thank you Greenlady you have
    help me alot.Even about the biting I have done what you have
    told me to do and so far it works.Thank

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