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Re: I have 2 baby conures I need to rehome

Posted by Irene on 6/25/10
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    On 6/12/10, Joy Graysen wrote:
    > I have 2 baby conures that LOVE eachother. One is a 7 month
    > old White Ear- Fleemer, and the other is 3 month old
    > Pineapple fancy named Puffle. I am not able to give them
    > the time and attention they deserve as I have 3 dogs and I
    > can't comfortably let them out of their cage very often. I
    > feel they have SO much potential and are so loving that
    > they deserve a home with more freedom and someone who can
    > give them the time and affection they crave. I live in the
    > Los Angeles area and I want to offer these babies to a real
    > bird lover, someone who really knows about birds and how to
    > care for them. I'm just not sure how to find someone like
    > this. If I go back to my bird store, the owner will think
    > I'm crazy since I just spent all this $ on them and now I
    > want to rehome them. I'm also concerned that he will see me
    > as competition if I offer to give them to someone who might
    > instead buy one from him. Maybe not, he's a really nice
    > guy, but I'm just not sure how to find someone who would
    > adopt them that would be a qualified owner. I need some
    > advice on finding someone to adopt them who would really
    > give them the life they deserve.

    My boys and I have been saving up to buy a conure. We owned
    one already before and have a canary right now. If you are
    interested, you can contact me at

    Irene (in OC)