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Re: blue crown conure

Posted by Percy Kwong on 6/02/12
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    On 6/26/10, linda wrote:
    > Can anyone tell me if this bird is very loud. I was told
    > by a breeder that they weren't tooloud. Another breeder is
    > telling yes. I need an honest opinion. Also what you know
    > about their talking ability. Thanks ahead of time. Hope to
    > hear from you soon

    My Blue Crown "Passion" is a completely sweet bird and she's
    very quiet. I found out it's rare for a BC conure to be a
    quiet sort, but then again, I am too.

    We bonded immediately at the bird store and she even rode home
    on my shoulder. She only wants to be with me and the only
    time she screeches is if I'm awake in the morning and I don't
    greet her right away.

    She kisses and preens me all the time and feels that my
    shoulder is her right. (I'm ok with it, because I can sit on
    my computer for 6-8 hours with her on my shoulder. Not one
    screech, but lots of cooing. Very quiet cooing.

    I probably have an anomaly for a conure, but she refuses to
    get off my shoulder and that is the only time she screeches.
    She will nip at me when she thinks I'm trying to take her off,
    but if I walk her over to her cage, she just hops off. I keep
    the cage open all the time and I clipped her wings once,
    because we were still bonding. I won't be clipping her
    anymore, because I realize that all she wants to do is be with
    me. She doesn't get spooked by loud noises and just today, I
    caught her watching over my little 2 year old daughter napping
    making sure she was ok. She was quiet and watching over her
    (with pride) for 2 hours. She does have this habit of needing
    to be with me, but when I go to sleep, I kiss her, put her on
    her cage and keep a lit candle in the room for her.

    She's a wonderful bird and I don't think I could imagine life
    without her.

    If I had one piece of advice to give you, when looking for a
    bird, you'll know the right one. You'll pick each other
    immediately. It's something that just "happens". If you have
    to force it, it's not the right bird.

    We've bonded over the past 3 months and now I know she'll
    never leave me. So I guess we're stuck with each other for
    20-30 years. The reality is she'll outlive me, (I'm 40), but
    she's taken a liking to my daughter and my daughter to her..
    so I already know I have that taken care of.

    If you're going to look for a bird, take your time. You'll
    know when the right bird comes along.. They'll know they want
    to be with you and you with them.

    I really hope that helps.

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