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Re: blue crown conure

Posted by Linda on 7/26/10
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    On 7/25/10, joyce wrote:
    > On 6/26/10, linda wrote:
    >> Can anyone tell me if this bird is very loud. I was told
    >> by a breeder that they weren't tooloud. Another breeder is
    >> telling yes. I need an honest opinion. Also what you know
    >> about their talking ability. Thanks ahead of time. Hope to
    >> hear from you soon
    > I have had 2 blue crowns. They are not loud and blue crowns
    > are my favorite bird. One of my blue crowns talked and the
    > other one didn't. They do have a reputation for good
    > talkers. They are sweet birds.

    Thanks Joyce, A blue crown just might be my next bird. I just
    put down a deposit on Baby Timneh. Bringing my baby home the
    2nd week in September. So excited!