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Re: Green Cheek Conure

Posted by Gwen Werner on 4/18/12
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    On 10/07/10, Kristy wrote:
    > Hi-
    > I have a 6 month old Green Cheek. He is with me all the
    > time, has tons of toys, space, attention, best food. He has
    > never let other people pet/scratch him, but recently he
    > won't let me either. He squawks and fluffs up and tries to
    > bite me if I reach to scratch him. He'll sit on my finger-
    > but that's all. Part of the daily routine is for him to
    > on my shoulder while I do his cage, food, etc, each
    > Yesterday he ran down my arm and bit me-HARD while I was
    > mixing his food. Nothing has changed & he was always so
    > sweet before. I have tried a stern "NO" and put him
    > away....wrapping him in a towel & talking soft & petting
    > and jiggling him on my finger when he tries to bite or is
    > too bossy. None have worked.Do they sometimes just get mean
    > and stay mean? I hope not! Thanks for your time, Kristy