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Post: green cheek conure

Posted by Donna on 10/17/10

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    Hi Kristy,
    I am having the same problem with my green cheek. I
    purchased her when she was 3 wks old and hand fed her. he
    is 1 1/2 yrs old and for about the last 9 months she has
    been doing exactly as yours is doing, I don't understand
    it either. I know one thing she doesn't like is our remote
    for the TV, why we don't know. she sits with my husband
    alot and on every occasion she will run down his arm and
    bite him. just yesterday I went to a bird show and
    purchased a male for her and am going to make her into a
    breeder. my daughter and I have raised green cheeks and
    noticed that some are really quite nice and some will bite.
    I know this is no answer for you, but just wanted to let
    you know that yours is not the only one doing it

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