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Post: Conures and Biting

Posted by Virginia on 10/23/10

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    I have 2 green cheeks and one fancy green cheek conures.
    I have done an intense amount of reading. What I have
    found is that conures only way of exploring their world is
    with the tongue and beak. They are not mean just
    curious. I have learned to go with the flow with mine.
    Mine love to nibble my ear and if they get a reaction they
    squeal. If they are in the mood for attention, there is
    something they want or I am not doing. I redirect mine if
    they start biting. Also one thing I remember is birds are
    sexual in nature. I will put a pillow on my sofa so that
    they can hide behind it. I take my index finger and
    say "goobie, goobie, goobie". They will roll on their
    back and let you gently rub their bellies. If they get to
    rough I simply stop and say not so rough. I don't know if
    this helps any but all the suggestions on stop biting
    ideas have not helped.

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