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Post: My Green Cheek wants to kill me.

Posted by WhatTheFlock on 12/26/10

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    I have two Green Cheek Conures. One is a male and was
    hatched on 6/08. The other is a female and hatched on
    11/09. The male has now become very aggressive and is
    biting me . He is breaking my skin on my fingers and
    drawing blood . He is very unpredictable. He bites in and
    out of the cages. The other bird is a sweetheart and does
    not behave this way. This behavior is new. They are spoiled
    with toys, pellets, fresh veggies + fruits and get a full
    day out the cage time. I even shower with them. What can I
    do to stop this in him. Help. He is not the bird I know and
    is pushing my limits. I do not react by screaming to his
    bites. I only bleed. So it not a game with him. It is

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