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Re: My Green Cheek wants to kill me.

Posted by jamie on 6/05/11
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    On 12/26/10, WhatTheFlock wrote:
    > I have two Green Cheek Conures. One is a male and was
    > hatched on 6/08. The other is a female and hatched on
    > 11/09. The male has now become very aggressive and is
    > biting me . He is breaking my skin on my fingers and
    > drawing blood . He is very unpredictable. He bites in and
    > out of the cages. The other bird is a sweetheart and does
    > not behave this way. This behavior is new. They are spoiled
    > with toys, pellets, fresh veggies + fruits and get a full
    > day out the cage time. I even shower with them. What can I
    > do to stop this in him. Help. He is not the bird I know and
    > is pushing my limits. I do not react by screaming to his
    > bites. I only bleed. So it not a game with him. It is
    > personal.

    if he in the cage wth a female their instinct is to protect
    them.. you really cant put your pet birds with the oposite
    sex and have them stay friendly most of the time the dont..
    so take him away from the females and see if that doesnt help