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Posted by Wanda on 12/27/10

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    Hey WhatTheFlock,I had a male green cheek that was the
    same way and I had raised him from a baby.I was told they
    get agressive when they want to breed.I got him a mate and
    he was 1 happy bird!! Female birds(in my opinon) make
    better pets.Although,male birds seem to bond with women
    while the female bonds with the man.Not saying this is
    true with all breeds of birds,just some birds seem to bond
    with human in this way.You may not want to do this,but I
    see 2 choices here..1.Put him in with your female.Put
    their cages close together and see how he reacts.Don't by
    no means just throw him or her together..go slow..2. Sell
    him to a breeder who's looking for a mate for their female
    green cheek.Either way,you will be losing a freind,but
    sometimes we have to do for our matter how we
    may feel.

    I tried to reply to your post,but it wouldn't let me.I
    wish the best for you and your birds!!! Good luck!!

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