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Re: Question bout my new conure

Posted by Crystal on 1/30/11
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    On 1/15/11, Justine wrote:
    > I just got a 6 week old sun conure and named it Sky. The
    > breeder i got it from didnt tell me to much, I just wanted
    > to know i am handfeeding sky 3 times a day. But i am not
    > sure when i am supose to start or try to start giving sky
    > seeds and what not and when is the best time to put sky in
    > a cage?

    You can start offering pellets and fresh fruits and veggies
    anytime in small amounts. Give him variety so he tries
    different things (No fruit seeds though they arn't that
    great for birds.) At first he may be just picking at it to
    see what it is but eventually will start eating it on his
    own and you can gradually reduce the number of times you
    handfeed him. Usually Suns wean at about 10 weeks but there
    is no rush and he could wean earlier or later depending on
    the bird.
    If you place him in a cage make sure the perches are rather
    low since babies have to learn how to perch and sometimes
    can fall off so you dont want him to fall from very far
    while hes learning. Hope this helps...