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Re: New conure

Posted by Crystal Ball on 4/15/11
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    On 4/14/11, nikki wrote:
    > I am looking to get a sun or jenday conure and I have two
    > options a 4 year old sun that has not ben worked with in a
    > while but is a good bird or a hand fed baby sun/cap that
    > they tell me will look just like a jenday the baby will
    > need to be shipped on a 2 to 3 hour flight but the adult
    > bird is local I have 4 kids and want a loveable bird that
    > my kids will not be afraid of the kids love animals and
    > respect them so it will not be mistreated in any way but
    > we do want toknow and feel like the bird likes us what
    > bird should I go with

    Well, I looked into my crystal ball and bupkis! Gee, I
    wonder why?
    No one can tell you which bird will work out the best for
    you situation.
    I don't care how well behaved your children are; they will
    overwhelm the new bird even if it is with kindness and love.
    Small children and birds do not mix.
    The bird will suffer in the end, probably looking for a new
    home when Sally is repeatedly bitten and Joey starts crying.