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Re: caged bound sun conure

Posted by cheesynquackers on 8/03/11
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    Hi Chad, two things come to mind. First, he may rarely have
    been taken out of his cage, so that is his comfort zone. It
    will take time for him to change as birds are creatures of habit.
    Second, this is the time of year when most birds molt. Five of
    my birds will not leave their cage/enclosure during this time.
    They feel vulnerable, and their cage is their safe domain.
    When they finish molting, they beg to come out again.

    On 7/24/11, Chad wrote:
    > HEllo,
    > first let me say its great finding a chat board for bird
    > owners, a few months ago I had brough a second hand sun
    > conure from a peron that was moving. This is my first
    > experience with a Sun conure ( I had a cockatiel in the
    > past) Anyway FiJi is a great bird. very well mannored.
    > very quit, the guy told me he was not a screamer and this
    > hold to be true, Thank goodness since I live in a apt.
    > Fiji seems to be a caged bound bird since he perfers to
    > stay in his cage. he will step up to come out but if you
    > set him on the floor to play he just walks back up to the
    > rope i have hanging down to his door and he climbs right
    > back up to his cage. most of the time his cage door is
    > left up and maybe 2 times a day he will come out and go to
    > the top of his cage and flap his wings a few times them
    > return right back to his perch. He was raised with other
    > birds so do you think he might be scarred and think their
    > still around. i dont know if hes had a bad experience in
    > the past to make him caged bound. I feel sorry for him,
    > seems like a boring life to me. but he seems content and
    > he does have toys to play with and i pet him inside the
    > cage alot. sometimes I take him to another room and he
    > will walk around and explore that but if the cage is in
    > the room he will head straight for it. any advice on how
    > to help a caged bound sun conure.
    > Thanks,
    > Chad