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Re: My Brock died last nite

Posted by KAREN on 8/23/11
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    On 7/29/11, valerie Smith wrote:
    > My name is Val, My Brock was 2yrs only jenday sunconure,
    > his mate Nana, He was my life I am disabled and he filled
    > my life 24hrs a day we were together,he became listless
    > for 6 days, went to the doc, antibotics, xrays, showed
    > ruptured colon, He ate string that had silver plastic hair
    > like braded swing in his cage that I bought at the bird
    > store, Little did I know he was eating it for a while. It
    > was all caught up in the stomach and cut off the colon, 6
    > days he suffered at the end I held him most all the days
    > but, he died in my hand, I felt his last breath touch my
    > face, he looked so sick at the last minute he opened his
    > eyes really wide to look at me, and went into cardiac
    > arrest, his head went back and his wing stretched out, and
    > never came back, I was screaming , My baby died in my
    > hands because I didn't have enough knowledge about toys
    > that can fray, especially the ones with silver treads in
    > it. So my story is painful, and I am sobbing writing this,
    > but want to let someone like me to know what can happen.
    > because of my not knowing I lost my best friend., Nana is
    > very lost, she is not as personable like Brock was but now
    > we need careful Brock God will take care
    > of you nowóż

    i am very sorry for your loss i too lost my best friend last
    year. My daughter was dog sitting and the last day they were
    to come get this dog he deceided that morphy looked fun to
    play with. i cried for weeks, he was a quaker parrot, when i
    got home from work he would say love you, when i was sad he
    would say whats the matter baby... he sang la cucuracha
    yelled goooolllll when my husband was watching soccer he and
    i would go on bike rides, i miss him so much.... my friend
    rescuses birds and she gave me a blue crested conure for my
    birtday i have had him for a year now. and he is becomming my
    new best friend except i rescued a nanday whom screaches all
    day long i am working with him. we guess what i think they
    are in love and i am going to loose my baby again... urg..
    Morphy is in birdy heaven now along with brock.