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Post: Green Cheek Conure Biter

Posted by crimson60033 on 10/09/11

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    My green cheek Rocky was purchased at a small pet store that
    specialized in breeding and hand feeding birds. When my son
    and I decided on Rocky he was just a baby and we were told
    that as much as possible we were to come to the store and
    hold him, feed him and just be with him to bond. We went
    practically everyday for 3 weeks. Then we were able to
    bring him home. He bites. We brought him home in March
    2011 and every since he's bitten us for no apparent reason.
    I have scabs all over my hands and arms. I know his
    aggressive stance and back off when he shows it, I know not
    to bother him when he's eating. He does bite when it's
    bedtime. He's out all day and only uses his cage for
    sleeping. We totally can't understand why out of the blue
    he'll just bite badly for no reason we can think of. I've
    also tries every "punishment". Now I just give him a firm
    "no" and stick him on his play gym. I push it away so he
    can't jump on me and he starts playing hard. After he calms
    down I take him back and he's sweet as pie for a while the
    BAM, the biting starts. Any ideas? Thanks!

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