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Re: Female Nanday Conure for sale

Posted by Sunny.The.Cockatile on 1/20/12
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    On 12/06/11, Erin McKechnie Mare wrote:
    > Buster- Female Nanday Conure. Approx. 8 years old, has
    > been our families house pet for the last 6 years. We no
    > longer have time she requires. Buster knows some basic
    > tricks (laughs, clicks, dances, kissy noises, and can say
    > the word “what”.) She would do best with a person that has
    > experience with parrots and has the time she needs. Buster
    > would NOT be suitable for a household with small children,
    > she will bite if startled. We currently have her in a
    > household with dogs and cats; she is used to constant
    > commotion and loves to have the radio or TV on. **Buster
    > will only go to a home that is given the OK* *Free
    > adoption to good home only*

    Hello, I recently saw your post about your bird. I am lookin
    into it, and she sounds great! :D I have an 8 yr cockatiel,
    and two cats. My tiels cage is upstairs in our loft, where
    the tv, radio, and laptop plays. My tiel have's a huge
    flight cage. I have grown up with parrots in my past, 2
    cockatiels, 1 mawca, 1 cockatoo. I am no breeder. I am
    looking to start a small avariy. My cats are tarined to stay
    way from the cages. I do know alot about birds, and whats is
    bad for them and good. I was going to get a conuer, when my
    teacher offered me her tiel. I have a younger sibling, is is
    about 6. But she dosnet mined the birds, she normal comes no
    where near them and gose on and plays downstairs. Um, I have
    a question for you, dose " Buster " come with her cage,
    toys? I just wanted to check in case. I hope you have time
    to read this. I promise you this will be a good forever home
    for her. We always have time for our birds, he comes out for
    an 1-3hrs a day. We have a local avian vet not far. If you
    have any more questions please contact me that , thank you!