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Re: Looking for a larger conure

Posted by Nelda on 11/04/12
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    I am looking for a loving home for my sweet Sun Conure, Toby. It's a boy
    name but is actually the sweetest little girl in the whole wide world!!! She is
    5yrs old, very lovable, love and needs a lot of attention, energetic, playfull and
    loud, typically a Sun Conure. My husband and I started a new job where he
    has to work night shifts and at this point she is just to loud during the day for
    him to get his rest in. I am not home anymore during the day to give her the
    attention she needs. This is breaking our hearts:( We even got her a 'fake
    tree' where she loves to sit, play and bath on our screen-in porch during the
    summer days. She loves to sit on your shoulder or burrow under your clothes.
    We are willing to give her, her cage with all her toys and the 'fake 'tree' for
    free to anyone who are dedicated to give her the life she deserves. She is
    also very ready to breed for incase someone out there is looking for a
    beautiful girlfriend:) We are in the North Carolina area.