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Post: Lost Jenday Conure

Posted by Tricia Stenzel on 9/21/12

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    My conure got lose 4 days ago and I found him on top of a
    pine tree and he tried to fly to me but got scared and
    flew towards the sky and the wooded area. I live in
    Clermont, Florida in a retirement community and heard him
    that last time do a faint call for me but have walked this
    place but it is huge and cannot find him. The vet told me
    he could not make it come that night he was so well
    trained and never had been outside and with all the
    animals and bugs and no food or water and it was storming
    here that night he would not make it. He also had
    aspergillus penicillium mold in his lungs like I do due to
    our old home that was killing me. He looks like a sun
    conure yellow head, red tummy, green feathers with royal
    blue in them. His name is Tippy and he knows it. I was
    told he did not survive because they cannot take heat over
    80 degrees and I know he was weak when I heard that last
    faint call for me but could not find him. This is tearing
    me up him scared and waiting on me to get him and I could
    not find him. I have walked everywhere looking for him and
    notified the management company about this. So many trees
    and bushes here and a highway right by me. He finally
    stopped calling me when i was calling him. this was 4 days

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